Nellis Eketorp

Nellis Eketorp

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First Name * Nellis
Last Name * Eketorp
Username * nellis-eketorp
Country * Sweden
City Uppsala
Nationality Swedish, Polish
Languages EnglishGermanPolishSwedish



Availability: Freelance


I am a digital and traditional illustrator connected to DeviantART portal since 2002. I use A5 graphic Tablet to create my paintings (usually for book or cd covers). I've been featured many times in particular art groups like DeviantART (for example: the digital art of the day; best prints feature etc.), Future Art Magazine etc. I was Selected Artist 2004. I paint arts, posters and mouse pad arts. I also paint for a special order but only when I predetermine all details first.

I've obtained the Master of Arts Degree of philological faculty in editorial and publishing specialization, related to Desktop Publishing (daily studies). Also I finished my post-grad studies in the faculty of Commerical and Promotion. I've obtained the highest grades in the Thesis work and the Thesis Exam (closing exam). I was the one of the best students of my faculty. I was working as intern in the Printing House (cover and advertisement designer) and in the Weekly Magazine Publishing House (layout designer).

My art is strongly connected to symbolism and mysticism. That means all paintings and other creations of mine have got the second bottom which each man and woman must discover on his/her own way. Usually I avoid of putting some large desciptions because I'm happy when someone finds him/herself in my art. I'm currious what people see in my paintings - I always find something new then, something I've never thought about... I'm also interrested in some styles of heathen, shamanic and occult art according to my relligion and hobbies. I relatively paint fantasy or dark art as well, however they aren't the main and necesary topics. The echoes of these trends are vissible in some of my paintings as well as the love for everything related to onirism, shamanism and astral travelling...

I simply create my own brush sets and pattern sets according to my own needs. Usually it's a spontaneous work and brushes or patterns are unique for the one art and not repeated in the future. Also I make website layouts, book covers, catalogues' layouts or backgrounds and CD covers (especially for heavy metal albums) against custom orders.

I usually draw some traditional sketches before I start to paint. Often I use A4 plain paper, pencils or pens and some time. Then I scan my sketches. Or I make sketches from basis in graphic software using graphic tablet which is my prime tool for painting. When the sketch is ready I colour it using the software and then I prepare it for printing.

My tools of trade are: primarily - Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop (for postworks), Open Canvas, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator. Other tools (used rarely): Corel Draw, Lightwave, Terragen, Poser, Bryce 3D,...

I try to avoid using stocks (brushes or photos) so I'm self-supporting in this case. It's a rare thing when I use something made by someone else but then I always have the permission of the original artist and I always credit the original artist. But I try to avoid taking the advantage of it. Also I must stress that my arts aren't photomanipulations. Photomanipulation technique became too popular recently so I don't want to put myself into the stereotype / routine template.